Month: March 2020

Peter James Field Illustration

‘How To’ Illustrations

Hairstyling. Oprah ‘O’ Magazine. Cookery Spots. 5280 Denvers Magazine. Great Pottery Throw Down. How To illustrations for tie-in book. Simple Things Magazine. Cookery Spots. Neue Zircher Zeitung ‘Z Magazine’

Peter James Field Illustration

Artmagic albums

Artwork and graphic design for Artmagic’s debut album ‘Become The One You Love’, 2012. Artmagic is a collaboration between producer Sean McGhee (Alison Moyet) and Suede guitarist Richard Oakes. Purchase Artmagic products here. Artwork and graphic design for second Artmagic album ‘The Songs Of Other England’, 2018, and accompanying EP ‘I Won’t Change You’, 2019.